Real Estate Chat Club

For Florida’s real estate agents to collaborate: among their offices, locally and across the state.

Office Groups

Remodel your office communications with a private group chat as a single place for all the people, messages, and files in your office with access to our local groups.

Local Groups

8 regional Florida channels for collaboration with local agents in: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Cape Coral, Fort Lauderdale with more to come!

Statewide Groups

General discussion channels, including: tips and tricks to maximize your income, agent Q&A’s, and success stories for your inspiration! Make our network your network.

Close Faster by Connecting With Local Agents

The key to Real Estate Chat Club is the ability to communicate with colleagues in your private office channel, while having access to our broader network of agents on the same platform. Or join as an individual agent and connect with other agents locally and across the state!

Focus on the Discussions Important to You

Give yourself the flexibility to decide what topics interest you. Find the answers you need in the local channels, ask the questions you want to discuss in the general channels, and expand your network by meeting other agents!

Streamline Collaboration With Group and Direct Messaging

Share files, documents, and photos in group or direct messages with everyone you work with including colleagues among your private office group or with other agents you meet on the platform. Discuss faster with voice or video chats.

Available in browser, iOS, Android, and desktop

After you join, you may access Real Estate Chat Club in your browser or through the Heartbeat Chat app available on: iOS, Android, or desktop using your email address!

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